Saturday, September 29, 2012

eating update

Let me catch you up on the stuff I've been eating.  It's sure has been a dreamy food week.

 Minca Sio (pork + chicken broth)

I went with Julia last week to say "hey" to the fall with a bowl of ramen. I still love Minca a lot a lot for ramen, the pork especially. I'll never get over how it just melts away in your mouth. Dissolving pork, guys.

Bruschetta on Richard's home made french bread. Yep.

Kathy and Richard had me over for dinner. I'm getting to be friends with their cat by catsitting. She, so far, only likes me when she wants me to feed her. Other than that, all I'm getting is sleepy indifference. We did share a few bonding moments over cheese and salmon though.

 Richard's six onion soup (made with Richard's own home made chicken stock!) that was creamy without being creamy, and just onion-y enough without making you taste onions for days. Then add the home made croutons and it's golden. I swear.

 Duck breast salad made by Kathy with pecans, walnuts, and pear (plus spicy arugula that really makes it all work)

My second break fast feast with the Finkelsteins/Rothbart/friends/etc

Clockwise: assorted bagels, whitefish salad (my favorite), tuna salad, pickled herring (which is interesting...I haven't totally decided how I feel about it), lox, some fish I didn't have for some reason, regular and scallion cream cheese, and the vegetable plate. I don't know why people don't eat this for dinner more often or every meal all the time, you know? Although, I guess if I was really fasting, this would have tasted even better as my fist post-fast bite of food.

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