Saturday, September 8, 2012

2 sandwiches and a pancake

Tuna salad sandwich from Eissenberg's 

 Corned beef sandwich
This sandwich was so dense! One bite and I felt totally full (although to be fair, I took that bite after I had finished my whole tuna salad sandwich). But it was really good, you know, the salty corned beef and sour kraut is held together all perfectly with the melted cheese.

A few days ago I really wanted to make pancakes for some reason. I started thinking about buttery, fluffy fruit ones but then naturally my mind gravitated to more savory thoughts, and I decided to make cornmeal pancakes and some bacon, breakfast style. BUT THEN, i just decided to put the bacon and cheddar into the batter. Plus some blackbeans, tomatoes and cilantro to top it off. And plain greek yogurt.


Colin said...
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Colin said...

That sandwich was so dense but so delicious.