Monday, August 13, 2012

lonely nachos

There is this pretty mediocre "Mexican" restaurant in Cobble Hill that I am really into. I've been going there and getting a table by myself and reading a book. Then getting some sort of cheese or sauce on my book, but hey that's what books are for? This last time I went there I sat behind this group of middle aged women having an early girls night. Holy cow, give a mom a margarita and she just isn't gonna stop talking about Twilight or 50 Shades of Gray (like for real) or all those other sort of jokes that takes moms like a few months to catch on to. Anyway, it was sort of hard to read my book so I just busied myself with these nachos. I think 80% of the chips were soggy under the beans and crushing weight of the cheese and I could count the number of tomato pieces on one and a half hands. But I was all over it, I even used a fork to eat the soggiest chips and I liked it. A low point, some might call it. Whatever

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