Sunday, August 5, 2012

a tale of 2 sandwiches

There's not much of a tale to tell though, sorry.

Vegetable sesame pancake "sandwich" from Vanessas, but the one on Bedford that is severely lacking in cracked out nutjobs and Chinatown stench. It's got carrots, cilantro and cucumber smooshed in between to pizza-like slices of super glutinous, greasy, chewy sesame pancakes.

 My mom and dad were visiting me a few weeks ago and we went to Peter Luger (what a meat fest, post on that coming soon, if I ever recover). There was a lot of left over steak.

So I made this sandwich with arugula, gorgonzola, spicy mustard and avocado. I think the avocado was definitely unnecessary because it takes away from the creaminess of the cheese and almost is too much but I love avocados and when they're in the fridge, I have this weird sense of obligation to eat them. Or something like that. 

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