Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dear Friends and Family of ieat19meals:

Today is an exciting day because it is day #1 of me attempting to fend for myself. But before we get to the juicy details, I would like to issue a warning about yard raccoons. Do not try and feed them or touch them because they WILL ATTACK/CHASE YOU. They can also bark. Also, I am getting my wisdom teeth out soon. Jamba Juice gift cards are accepted.

Oh, this past Saturday I went to Anacortes and my parents bought 3 lbs of these prawns:

Note the neatly cleaned corn cob.

THEN TODAY, after I had my dentist appointment, I made breakfast for lunch.

Ok, so this picture is not so great, but it was so delicious. Samuel's look of satisfaction (see below) should be proof of this:


melissa f. said...

i'm so scared of eating whole prawns. i think this fear comes from when my host family in spain served them to me in a soupy paella one afternoon after a night of dancing til 7 AM at the discoteca (hehe). they then proceeded to serve me morcilla which translates to 'blood sausage'. it is black and just fucking gross. avoid that shit at all fucking costs it is nasty and smells like poo.

PURPLE said...

the summer heat must be making you delirious.

ctrlz said...

why.. would you ever feed a raccoon?