Sunday, June 29, 2008

In celebration of the return of TasteSpotting:

I have some more food pictures from my trip, but let me digress momentarily and make a confession:

It has been two weeks since my return, and I have not documented anything I've eaten. Then it got me to thinking, what sorts of wonderful things have I been eating? THEN I REALIZED THAT I HAVE HARDLY BEEN PUTTING ANY FOOD INTO MY BODY. I wake up at ungodly hours, sit around my/Taylor/Colin's house/trampoline/deck and eat like two dog food shaped cereal pieces or raspberries and think about the rumblings of my increasingly dissatisfied stomach. Realizing that haven't eaten all day, I make myself some eggs or a quesadilla (cheese), which holds me off for like two hours, but in that two hour time period my mom makes dinner, which I can barely eat because I've just eaten some worthless food. So when 8 or 9 rolls around and I'm hungry again, I eat Taylor's chewy bars and fruit leather or Elyssa's popcorn, but most often, WheatThins and cheese and strawberries, all the while thinking about how terrible my food life is going to be once I leave college because there will be no cafeteria/mom/Fjeran residence pantry to depend on. This has been my diet for nearly two weeks and I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. NO MORE CRACKERS AND CHEESE. NO MORE AIR FOR BREAKFAST AND LUNCH. I DEMAND A MORE SUBSTANTIAL AND DELICIOUS MEAL. Unfortunately, I can't cook and I have no idea how to make this happen.

Airplane food


Ew raw meat. Ok, it didn't taste so bad, but I felt werewolfish. Maybe raw meat is good, but I am no gourmet, and I like mine at least a little pink.


love, tastespotting said...

thanks for the enthusiasm about TasteSpotting being back! Looking forward to seeing you on the site!


PURPLE said...

1. that airplane food looks like catfood.

2. ribs, ive wanted some for so long now

4. oh my god what happened to number three?

5. i dont know if i could do raw meat. is it cow?

6. those bite sized salad things looks so amazing right now.


rachel said...

OH MY GOD TASTESPOTTING TALKED TO YOU. youre in the big leagues now girl.