Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SOS (Save Our Stomachs)

This is a cry for help. It is 2:39 am PST, and I am dying of hunger. I could go downstairs and eat a blueberry bagel, or a cupcake, or a quesadilla, or some eggs, but instead, I spent 30 minutes browsing TasteSpotting for a new desktop background because I am tired of my tiled taco background. GIVE ME YOUR FAVORITE FOOD PICTURES (that don't have that stupid spaceball thing on them).

Update about some cupcakes coming soon.

P.S. I don't like that TasteSpotting only lets you see pages 1-# then you have to click the little arrow to get #-## more. I like the old way where you could clikc page 365 instead of scrolling all the way through. I am actually just writing this in hopes that TasteSpotting sees this, but who am I kidding.


Sarah at TasteSpotting said...

i see it ;)

and i wish we could keep the old paging, but the spacing issue at the bottom of the page is just too much to show 1 through 360, and at the rate we're going don't know what we'd do whe we get to 500, 750...by autumn, there will be more pagenumbers on the page than pictures! :0

but we did the best by at least shifting the entire set of pages, instead of like a lot of other sites that ONLY flip pages one by one.

any other comments, please let me know! (blog it, or you can email me ;) )

melissa f. said...

omg! tastespotting talked to you again!

also--i ate whole prawns at this place called chez jenny in paris (i just got home!)...so i guess i'm not totally opposed