Sunday, July 20, 2008

genius (dedicated to rachel m. birke for no reason in particular)

First, I would like to inform everybody of my new bragging rights: TasteSpotting has now commented on my blog two times. Yes, I know.

Second, Taylor and I have recently discovered our culinary genius and we would like to share it with the world. Our first endeavor: cupcakes (not out of the box, thank you very much)

Somehow we couldn't get our egg whites to form stiff peaks, so we tried with 3 new eggs, but it still didn't work, but we're assuming it doesn't matter because they still tasted good. AND the frosting called for lemon zest, but we used orange instead and we didn't even have that zester or whatever. We/I also burned the chocolate on the first try. After 3 hours of hard work (so what if it should have only taken half the time), magic was born: vanilla cupcakes with orange zest cream cheese frosting and raspberries and chocolate! In conclusion, these were cupcakes that should have gone horribly wrong but turned out so so right.

A new and exciting discovery: cookie pancake sandwiches
So Taylor only had mini-cupcake pans, so we had left over batter, and we decided to make them like cookie pancakes. Then we spread them with frosting, drizzled some chocolate, and filled them with raspberries. One day, we'll learn how to take better pictures so we can be on TasteSpotting.



joseph said...

Holy Mary mother of Jesus those cupcakes look delicious.

sarah at tastespotting said...

and now, you can say "three" ;)

rachel said...

while sprinting to read this i slipped on/squished a grape and almost died, but it was worth it. why was there a grape on my living room floor.

PURPLE said...

i like where this is going.

Kayla said...

If you need some cooking / baking advice I am open to help you out.

About the whole soft peak egg whites, were you beating them by themselves or with sugar & also with a whisk or a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer?

If it was with sugar you have to add it slowly once the eggs begin to get foamy. If you add it to fast or early peaks won't form.

It is funny that I go to Culinary school & don;t even have a food blog, but you do. You Must be a true Culinarian haha.