Thursday, August 29, 2013

green things with bacon

Moving day was the easiest thing ever because I have nice friends. I carried like 2 boxes and handed out water, like one of those people on the sidelines at marathons and stuff. It made me feel involved without having to actually put in any physical effort. Now I have a real room with 4 walls instead of 3 walls and a cubicle divider, and I live near stores that sell more than chips, old cans of beans, and tall boys. Instead of eating chips for breakfast or waiting until I get to work to eat, I can make my own food again. I even started drinking coffee every morning because it makes me feel like a grown ass woman to drink my coffee and eat my eggs while I watch all the Pratt kids clogging up Myrtle with their portfolio bags. Aw, college kids. 

Oh, and there's a pizza place right on the corner...just in case. Oh my god, finally.

Self explanatory breakfast

Dinosaur kale salad with golden raisins, lil bits of bacon, walnuts, and pecorino romano.

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