Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oh sorry, here I am. September happened and fall started to show up, which means that I've begun my slow descent into hibernation mode--being lazy and eating a lot of food with a high sodium and oil content. Because I mean, why not? Except today is going to feel like 100-something degrees (for real) so maybe I'll revert back to my summer eating and get a lobster roll...

I have no idea what vegetable this is. I forget. Chinese broccoli? Lots of ginger though. Stems and leaves, stems and leaves. Oh this is from Grand Szechuan, formerly known as Chelsea Chinese, I think.

Spicy green beans

Spicy double cooked pork. They asked if we wanted "fatty" or ...something that was not fatty, and naturally, fatty pork was the way to go. It was crazy spicy, that slow slow Szechuan burn that actually kinda hurts so good. I never say that about spicy food. 

Mapo tofu is one of those dishes that I eat so much of because I can pretend that I'm eating just tofu, and not piles of saucy minced pork and chili oil and salt. The result is that I'm overly full but totally guilt-free about it.

Cheeseburger from Mikey's. I think this place is kind of trying to be Shake Shack style. I didn't pay much attention though, it was like 2 am. Who even pays attention to food quality beyond like, 11 pm? At least for me, if I'm eating any later than 11, it's because I'm drunk or starving from having stupidly skipped dinner that day. And at that point, all I care about is taking care of the hole in my stomach.

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