Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm moving on Monday, which I'm really pumped about but I'm also totally dreading it. I've been trying to pack since last weekend since I'm sure I own more stuff than I think I do. But here I am a week later, with moving day looming over me, and I've only packed two boxes. I keep putting it off every hour, then every evening, then every's stupid. This is how I procrastinate:

I forget what's in here, I let the bartender decide. I do remember two things though: cucumber gin and beet juice. Remember when I used to hate beets? Dark times!

Kale pesto at Dudley's

At least when I put off important life tasks, I do it the right way.

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Timothy Tran said...

Lily! I'm having a lot of fun reading your blog!
I feel like I'm there experiencing the food myself,
and not getting an excerpt from some intense,
wordy food critic. It sounds like you eat with
your heart, and if you're like me, my heart
happens to be in my stomach. I'm glad
Trang mentioned your blog to me.
Hope to see you soon at An Choi!

Happy eating,