Monday, June 24, 2013

not working when you're working

Sometimes this whole perma-freelance/waitressing/whatever life is stressful because I never know what my cash flow is going to be like or when I'm gonna work or if I'm close to aging out of my Mom's health insurance. Things are always up in the air. But then there are days like today when I don't have work, and while everyone else is at their steady paycheck, nine-to-five job, I get to loaf around in the sun with my friends, eat forever, and draw stuff. Or you know, lie around with a serious beach hang over and watch crime tv. Those are the kind of days that make it totally worth it.

Watermelon juice from Pies n Thighs
I like watermelon juice, but I think I like eating it better than drinking it. But it looks nice and feels mega-summery. 

On Friday, David and I walked around in the sun. Very slowly. Too slowly for him, which is saying something because he's from the South and I guess they move real slow down there. But when the sun is cooking your black hair and keeping you nice and toasty, it's hard to move fast...unless you're trying to make it to Pies n Thighs 20 minutes before they close for an hour. I hate it when people do that at my work, but sometimes it's okay to be a hypocrite, especially when hungry. I think that's bad advice though.

Fried chicken sandwich with bacon, ranch, and avocado. And a salad instead of fries, as if could have made this meal even a little virtuous

A fresh fruit donut with plums
I'm less excited by the baked goods at Pies n Thighs than I am by the fried things.

Obviously a fried chicken sandwich and donut wasn't enough for one day...
Veggie Mac from Brooklyn Label, with goat cheese, zucchini, pesto, and bell peppers. I picked Veggie Mac over Buffalo Mac for the same reason I ordered salad instead of fries, but it was just as creamy-heavy as any other mac and cheese. I don't know who I think I'm tricking. 

Today was one of the realest summer days so far--hot and muggy--and the beach was just swirling around in my head. So we escaped to the Rockaways where it was all breezy and sunny and a lot less baby-filled than the weekend.

Rockaway Tacos: A carnitas taco that I would definitely order again, but only if the fish tacos weren't an option. Those are too good to not get every time.

Best fish tacos ever
Crunchy and crisp on the outside, hot and flaky on the all that crunchy slaw and a nice hit of lime juice. 

Interlude: orange, carrot, and ginger juice 

Elote and fried plantains--sweet and salty

 Yeah, we went back to Rockaway Tacos after some sand sitting and water dipping because being lazy somehow makes you really hungry. You know how that goes. Notice how that extra indulgence put me over the edge: I'm feeling too lazy to rotate this picture and change out of my bathing suit. But I'm not too lazy to order from Seamless...which I'm waiting for right now while lounging on the couch, watching crime shows on my iPhone, and trying to get my salty beach hair untangled. Priorities, everyone. 

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