Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pho Bang

On cold days, I miss living in a city where cars are normal and you don't really have to be outside for long. I also miss a good hot bowl of pho, but for some reason that doesn't exist in this city. And if it does, I'm really pissed that I haven't been there yet. I just mean I haven't found a bowl of it that's made me want to sink into it like a hot bath. Sounds gross but if you have a great bowl of pho, I promise that's what it feels like. Anyway, we tried Pho Bang today on Jeremy's suggestion. It had a pretty decent beefy aromatic broth and the noodles were perfectly soft yet a little elastic-y, not like those clumps of noodles that I've had way too many times here. My favorite part about pho is adding in all the crunchy, crispy greens and lime wedge (best part!!) to round out the deep beefiness. So far, the best pho I've had in New York, yay.

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