Sunday, January 13, 2013

def back in ny

Judging by all the pizza I've eaten, I am definitely back in New York. I've barely been back a whole week and already I've eaten at 2 pizza restaurants, ordered pizza once, eaten pizza by the slice twice, and had a pizza with my drink at Lulu's. In between all that pizza has been a lot more food, including but not limited to the following pictures.

My burger from DuMont Burger, cooked rare, the best way to ask for it.
This burger was a lot more flavorful and way juicier than the last burger I had here, and I inhaled it. I think maybe it's because I asked for it rare. It has this nice like...crust on the outside, before your teeth hit the juicier bits. I loved that, but also, this patty is way too huge. The bun was fine the first few bites but then the patty is so fatty it totally compromises the integrity of the rest of the burger!! Don't you hate having that last bite of just lettuce and burger juice because your patty squished out of the bun? It's still tasty, but disappointing. But it does makes for really porn-y picture that makes me hungry even though I just ate my weight in dim sum.

We also got fried pickles (and a few green beans and jalapenos, for some reason). They were better than most fried pickles I have had because they were actually airy and crunchy on the outside and the batter didn't slip off in a sad way. The beans and jalapenos were the best because they still had a bite to them, but the pickles were a little too soggy. I think it's just because they cut them too thin. It might've been better if they were sliced more thickly.

Ok so getting out of food review mode, Mel made this curry last week. It does look as saucy as it was in real life, but it was delicious. Coconut milk is magic.

I started interning at Serious Eats, woo! It's also right across the street from Bahn Mi Saigon, which I like a lot. I've been twice already. I ordered the pork and pate sandwich, but I don't think I'll do that again. Next time I'll just stick with the BBQ Pork. This was like...kind of gray and rubbery and made me feel a little queasy, which is too bad because the last time I ate it, I loved it.

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Dining Alone said...

I loooove rare burgers, that looks so good!!