Sunday, October 14, 2012

Parish Hall

I always wake up early, no matter what I do and it totally drives me nuts. I guess mostly because most of my friends aren't awake and so I just sit around bored and hungry until somebody gets on gchat so I don't feel guilty calling them and waking them up. Woah, what a really sad description of my life. Umm yeah, so yesterday I was really happy when May was awake and ready to go to brunch with me. We decided to try Parish Hall, which is a new(ish?) restaurant from the same people/person who opened Egg, and we even made reservations because well, it was Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn. But when we got there, there were soo many available tables that it made me kind of nervous. No worries though, the food was excellent.

 Rabbit hash!!! Rabbit! I love rabbit.
I was a little nervous ordering hash because I was thinking of it in the most brunch-y trashy way, like a huge portions of fried meatiness and potatoes, and I wasn't super hungry. But this was really perfect and not heavy at all. Well firstly, there was rabbit. But also, kale and wax beans too!

Smoked trout and eggs

I think it was essentially the same as mine, but the cold fish version with different greens. I only had a bite of this, but I really liked it. I was sort of thrown off because it was cold, but I actually think that was nice and light for a non-hung over brunch.

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