Wednesday, February 24, 2010

stuff i ate in paris

I went to Paris for the weekend, which is definitely not enough time to see/eat everything. There are some things I didn't get to eat like rabbit and crepes (why not???) and I wish I had had a few more days, then I could have tried all the foods I wanted to. But I still ate (and saw) a lot of really good things. It's so so different than Rome, and I think I like Rome more, but they're so different I guess you can't really compare the two. Paris has less dog poo on the streets though, I think. And on that note, here are things that made me wish sweats were acceptable attire.

Apple tart

This was so GOOD. Key lime filling and a flaky crumbly butter outside and some berries. I don't know what kind they are. They were tart but went really well with the filling. I dont know what the green confetti stuff is.

You might look at this picture and feel bad that you don't get to eat this. And there are probably jealous thoughts in your head and unsavory energy channeled at me. But I didn't get to eat this either, so don't feel so bad.

Curry chicken

This was the most delicious falafel I have ever had. I thought about it all day. (That's an eggplant on top)

I wish I could have taken a picture of this little restaurant/stand because the line was super long and the little area where they put these together looked so colorful and pretty. I forget what the place is called, but I think it was in Le Marais.

We wanted to have a nice dinner without spending too much $$, and there was a really nice family-run restaurant by our hostel that had delicious food for such good prices.

When we were waiting in line outside, we were eyeing these giant salads that everybody seemed to be eating. And Melissa and I really wanted one. But we also really wanted something else too, so we decided to split a salad and get our own entrees. Edo and Alexis did the same, and Eryn did the smart thing and only ordered a salad and tried a little bit of everything else. Our idea was good in theory, but the salads are enough for like, two meals, and the waiter thought we didn't understand that the salad counted as a meal, not a side. By the time my entree came, I was so full. I had to do a little under the table adjusting of my tights before attempting the second half of my meal, but it was worth it.

This salad had bacon, tomatoes, potatoes, goat cheese, and I forget what kind of dressing.

Alexis's duck with honey butter and potatoes and greens

Melissa's duck confit (I think... it was some kind of duck), more potatoes, and green beans, if I remember correctly, but at this point, I was half way into a food coma, so my memory is hazy.

My food! It's called cassoulet, I think. It had white beans, duck, sausage, and ham, plus other vegetables like peppers. I couldn't finish the whole thing. I only got about half way though it and I kept trying to push past the wall of pain, but it was too much!

But I managed to take two bites of this creme brulee.

Then the next day I went home, and this is how I felt.


Colin said...

I don't know where you went in Paris but when I was there all I remember is dog shit everywhere.

Colin said...

Also, every one of those pictures looks absolutely delicious.

Mary said...

Wow, great looking foods! I wish I could try all of those too... Maybe one day. I know this may seem weird, but when I was reading your blog, your writing reminds me of the way I talk! LOL

DEAFAXE said...

this blog makes me so hungry.
i miss you! its lonely at the graining sink.

Anonymous said...

wongeeeeeee yummmm

Anonymous said...

so much jealousy

Taylor said...

that was taylor

Blair said...

my mouth won't stop watering! I just found your blog for the first time today and love it! -- I featured you in my blog hopping for a regular wednesday post I do.

i hope you'll stop by my blog and check it out.