Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the dinner that made me cry (and then some)

Last week I was on tour in northern Italy with my class/group/whatever and I think the best best part of it is when we all had dinner together at this restaurant that our bus driver Carlo likes. We had a pre-dinner thing which was pizza bianca. Then we had this tube-y pasta thing that I can't remember the name of. Then a meat plate with some salad. Then panna cotta. The food was all good, but I don't think it was the best meal I had on tour (those pictures will come soon). But I still liked it the best because I was super happy to have dinner with my pals. Aww

most of the group and Carlo

This is the best fried food I have ever had EVER. I got it in Siena and it's this rice pastey stuff on the inside and fried with orangey batter and sugar. It's called fritella something. I don't know, it was so so delicious and amazing and great etc etc.

Panna cotta from Norcia

PS: Mark you calendars because April 1st is the first (or what I'm guessing is the first) Cenci eating contest between me, Kellie, Dan, and Alex.


melissa f. said...

my nails are the best part of this post.

DEAFAXE said...

lily! we miss you!
neal is about to leave us too it is so saaaaad.

you are having an awesome time and that is awesome! good job!

danni p

p.s. did you get what we sent you?

lollapalooza said...

there are food all over your blog!
My mouth waters!
Great Blog, I enjoy reading, looking at the photos and imagining the taste of each plate!
MY passion is eating too!

bigdealneal said...

i ate some mediocre salmon last night