Monday, February 22, 2010

cooking with nadia

This is Nadia. She cleans the Cenci because none of us are capable adults who can take care of ourselves. Anyway, she is much nicer to us than we probably deserve, and last week she and her husband came in to show us how to cook some Italian Jewish food!! I spent most of the time furiously taking notes (even though I couldn't understand what she was saying) and pictures, so I really contributed nothing, but I acted like I did. There are a lot a lot of pictures that I have because there was SO MUCH FOOD, but it takes too long to upload them all so here are just a few.

Lasagna before going into the oven (this is pretty easy to make, and I will give you the recipe/my notes if you want)

there were 3 and at the end of the night, they were all gone.

All 3 lasagne, plus a pan of pasta carbonara, and also some penne with a spicy tomato sauce with tuna, which I really liked, but not everyone did.


Fried eggplant patties

Fried artichoke!!!!!

One of my two plates. That green mound is broccoletti. I have another picture of it somewhere.

I had to lie down after I ate. It was a meal that reminded me of why I rarely wear pants anymore.

Also, I just got back from Paris yesterday. More food pics to come

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