Tuesday, January 12, 2010

my to-eat list


I made a lot of things this break, like Christmas dinner and turkey pot pie and lots of pico de gallo. I also ate a lot of things. I didn't take a lot of pictures, and the pictures I took are not going to be on here any time soon because I enjoyed being home too much (in my queen size bed, perfectly heated room, having love and affection showered on me like the only child that I am, not doing my dishes and dropping crumbs on the floor without worrying that mice will eat them and crawl on my bed, and getting good at video games with my pals) to update it. And now, I am going to Rome this Saturday for six months, so really who cares about what I ate over break? And if you do, then it's too bad.

But I have a list of things I definitely have to eat when I'm in Italy and other miscellaneous European countries. So here it is:

cow tongue (or stomach?) sandwich
(some pic I stole from someone's blog. sorry)

lots of cheese
(I've been trying to build to my dairy tolerance. I'm also bringing lactaid pills, hopefully)



This is only a small part of my list because I got tired of google imaging, so keep your eyeballs on this blog to see what things I eat in Europe. I'm so excited, but also kind of scared because I'm pretty bad at getting out of my comfort zone, but it's going to be good!

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