Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Greetings from Rome! Got here on Sunday. It hasn't even been 4 nights but it already feels like I've been here forever and the days feel soooo long. I haven't been feeling too hungry lately, probably because I didn't eat much in the days before I left, but still, there's so much good food around me I feel bad not eating it all. Also, no to-go bags in Italy? Bad news

Been eating out a lot, so we made dinner yesterday. Gnocchi with spinach, prosciutto, mozzarella, and parmesan. Credit to Abby Edo and melissa, who will probs be a guest writer for 19meals. Look out

A real cannoli. Too lazy to rotate this picture


Matthew said...
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BusyEater said...

Hmm...I recommend looking for a Sicilian bakery - that cannolo is fine, but fresh ricotta is impossible to beat!

A place with good tramezzinis and Italian gelato is the Bar Metropolitan at the Cinema Metropolitan at the end of The Via del Corso. You can get there using those little electric buses for a quick time. It is a bar run by Sicilians from the Palermo region and the gelato is pretty good.

Another place I loved for tramezzini novelty was a restaurant that was right across from the Accademia Francese - to get there you go up the Scale di Spagna/Trinita' di Monti and take a left. Keep going until you see these cool trees/fountain - the restaurant has beautiful views and the Accademia is pretty nice as well!