Monday, October 28, 2013

real talk

Sad news guys: I haven't been that into food lately and I feel kind of guilty admitting that. Obsessing over food is like my version of celebrity gossip and I'm kind of burned out on it. I don't really know about what food is trendy, which restaurants are hot, or which chefs everyone wants to make out with. And I used to REALLY know all that stuff because apparently, I had nothing better to do than to troll the internet for this information. I used to fall asleep looking at Tastespotting, and now, I don't look at food blogs very much any more. I don't even like thinking about food. Don't describe to me how roasted grapes on a ricotta grilled cheese tastes really good (omg great idea, by the way) and don't give me suggestions on how to use this rainbow chard. I only got it because it looked pretty, not because I had any good ideas. Just make it and give it to me (hi, I'm a princess). Do you know what I mean? I just want to know where the good food is and then I want to eat it without thinking about it. But with that said, here's some pictures of what I ate because that part is still really fun.

Cheddar grits, roasted tomatoes, bacon and a soft boiled egg

A seriously underwhelming corn dog

A salad I've been making a lot

The last thing I made before I started feeling really apathetic about food. No, that's so dramatic. I made ratatouille (like the kind from the movie, I used a Smitten Kitchen recipe) like 2 weeks ago when it was getting cold.

I guess at the moment, I'm just more excited by eating food and not so excited by thinking/reading/watching/hearing about food. But I'm sure it's just a phase because I kinda feel that way about everything right now. I just want to have fun and let out all this energy and not jam up my head with too many thoughts or concerns. I think I'm getting into an 18 year old's head space six years too late. I'm going to L.A in a week though and I'm gonna go to Disneyland and have In-n-Out for breakfast and go to that chicken and waffles place and eat so many fish tacos and burritos and go shopping and then get some shabbu shabbu and spend like 5 hours of those all you can eat Korean BBQ places then do some more shopping, try to get a tan, eat some more and go back to In-n-Out. And maybe I'll barf from having eaten so much. I think that'll get every thing out of my system and I'll come back to New York ready to care about things again and ready to grow up again and ready get serious again. But just for a little while because soon enough summer will come back and I'm gonna get all loose in the head again. Something about life cycles? Circle of life? 

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