Monday, April 30, 2012

Turkey meatball (with raisins inside!!) and the rest is self explanatory. I've never had meatballs with raisins, but I like the salty-sweet combination. And you cant even feel the raisin texture, which is why I don't really like them very much, so maybe I'll try this sometime.

Melissa is one of my top 5 food pals, and I always eat well when I'm with her (and any other members of the Finkelstein family). Sp I'm happy to say that I got to share her first dinner in her new apartment. Yup, baby chicken flew the coop and is a big chicken now, except that chickens don't fly and I'm not even sure where that phrase comes from or if it's even a fitting way to say "Melissa moved into a new apartment." Unless that saying doesn't actually involve chickens and I just made that part up.

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Dining Alone said...

I have had some Moroccan dishes with raisins, it really is a neat addition to savory dishes. I would love to try it in a meatball.