Monday, February 20, 2012


I've been bad at keeping this updated since I got back from Seattle. I guess I've been kind of busy...I just spent 3 hours making Excel spreadsheets to budget myself better so I can start paying my student loans. SO EXCITING, I KNOW! I had to make sure I left myself enough money to eat out though, which is what all the "loan counselors/experts/whatever" tell you not to do, but I feel like food is the tiny crack of light at the end of this long tunnel of doom and endless debt. Besides, the food I eat at home has gotten so boring and I mostly only eat vegetables, pita, and 3 kinds of hummus.  Sometimes I'll actually make something, but usually I'm so tired after work. Being a real person is hard.

Last week I finally went to Porchetta! All week had been talking about when I was living in Rome, and it really made me miss it, mostly the food, obviously. So I had to go here and get myself some pork on bread.

This porchetta was better than some I had in Rome!! I mean, porchetta is everywhere in Rome. I don't think I ever disliked any, but it wasn't always amazing since it's easy to get a dried sandwich. This was really great -- the pork was so tender and moist (I dont like this word), but then the crackly, skin bits were such good surprise bites. I was afraid the bread would be too dry, but it was soft, with just enough chewiness. I sort of remember being able to add mayo or some sort of sauce in Rome, which sometimes it definitely needed, but this didn't need anything at all. Although next time I might order a side of beans. 


Anonymous said...

I've seen Porchetta offered with sauce in Rome. There's always one chunk of fat that provides all the sauciness the sandwich needs. Good to hear you can get a good Porchetta in NY!

Anonymous said...

I mean, I've NEVER seen prochetta offered with sauce in Rome. oops.

Lily said...

Well, the mayo/ketchup wasn't so much offered to me as it was just sitting on the counter looking rejected. It didnt seem like anybody was using it. But also, porchetta was sometimes a post-drinking food so my memory is totally fuzzy.