Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Woah, having an iPhone makes me a better blogger because it's so much easier to put up pictures. But I guess using mediocre iPhone photos means I should give up the dream of joining the ranks of the Tastespotting food bloggers, even though I have the Camera Plus app. I paid $1.99 for that!! But who wants to look at those neatly arranged digital SLR dinner shots anyway? Just trying to keep it real on 19meals

This is ox-tail soup with hand-pulled noodles, cilantro, and baby bok choy.
It's from this grubby little basement food court in Queens, called Golden Mall or something like that. I don't know, Neal took me there once and then later we saw it on Anthony Bourdain...beat that guy to it! There are lots of different good things to eat as long as you don't think about how crusty it is down there and can figure out what some of the foods are without being able to read Chinese.

I went there again got these noodles for $6, 12 dumplings for $3 (at a different booth), and a lamb burger from Xi'an Famous Foods for $3. That's a lot of food for no money. I think there's a clean(er) version of Xi'an somewhere in the East Village, but I bet it's not as fun. Also, the lamb burger tastes a little like spicy Taco Bell...I loved it.

Sauteed pork tongue with scallions and sesame from Hakata Tonton in the West Village

Shake Shack makes another blog appearance! I have nothing to say except that this place is good, the crinkle fries are good, but I really miss Dick's.

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