Sunday, July 24, 2011

It is miserable and hot, and it wouldn't be so bad if I had an air conditioner, but I don't. Sitting in my apartment is what I imagine it feels like to be stuffed into the trunk of a car. I have been sleeping with bags of ice and wet towels, in the tub, on the floor. I got up and sat in front of the fridge for a second, but it turned into a few minutes because I fell asleep. What is it like to not be sweaty and salty? I feel gross. It's not so bad right now though. I have 2 box fans, 1 oscillating fan, and 1 mini round fan all pointed at me. It feels ok.

Went to this Cuban place with Melly, really good plantain chips, but what is all that stuff on top of it? Does anybody know? It was really good.

Corn with spicy mayo and salt

Cuban sandwich and chickpeas

And just a few steps away from the Cuban place is this Japanese restaurant where all the boys take their Asian girlfriends, it's true. I saw.
California roll, spicy scallop, and a mountain roll in the shape of a mountain!! This wasn't my order, but I also got the spicy scallop, which was good, but I think I have had better. Really excited about the mountain shape though...I haven't seen a mountain in so long.

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Colin said...

I need to eat that sandwich.