Thursday, September 16, 2010


I really like trashy food, and I mostly only share that with a few people because a lot of the things I would like to eat all the time are really embarrassing. But I am not ashamed of what I did today. I've been feeling terrible every time I eat lately so I've only been eating leafy vegetables and today I finally felt normal so I decided to mess with my stomach and put a lot of cheese and carbs into my body. So this is what happened:

A mac and cheese grilled cheese sandwich. This picture isn't of my sandwich and it isn't my picture. I found it on google images because I thought visuals would be nice. Even though it looks gross. I immediately felt terrible after I ate it, but at least it was on multi-grain bread. I have to go back to eating leafy greens after that.


Taylor said...

no, it doesn't look gross, it looks beautiful

James Franco said...


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