Monday, June 14, 2010


I forgot that I went to Florence. It was such a weird trip. We stayed in Siena and took the bus to Florence for two days. STUPID idea. Sienese painting show was worth it though. Not that much eating, but these things were good:

Salmon and arugula on a poppyseed croissant

just olive oil, salt and pepper. I would have eaten it with my hands if I had been in an empty room by myself.

Now I'm sitting in a sweaty hotel room on my second to last night in Rome even though it already feels like I left forever ago. I'm maybe 10 pounds heavier, haven't worn pants in months, popping lactaid pills 3 times a day, and so happy that it all happened because of too much pasta and cheese. It's super surreal that it's all over. I'll put up pictures from the final show food soon. The Cenci knows how to do it right, even in a smelly, dirty kitchen. Miss that shit.