Monday, November 23, 2009

The heat in my apartment is off and I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to take a shower and then be briefly naked in this cold. Last night I went to sleep with socks and a sweatshirt on, so I'm really leaning towards no. Thanksgiving is coming soon. Things are about to get really wild.

So when we were in New York Neal and I went buckwild and got a lot of food, and obviously we had to get Korean food. We wanted to order Korean barbecue (did you know that there is no "q" in this word? neither did I) but it was sooo expensive. So we ordered things like this instead. Blurry picture of Neal's. Read about it here

Then we saw H Mart, which is a chain of giant Korean grocery stores. At least at home they're giant, but I guess there's a lot less space in NY so it was a lot smaller and cramped, but really exciting so we decided to make our own Korean barbecue. And you can figure out what that is over here

From the top left going clockwise (I think): that's just salt and sesame oil, kimchee pre-frying, gochujang, tofu stolen from the Portfolio, squash, and lettuce that normally wouldn't be chopped up, but when you're taking stuff for free, you take what you can get. There was also a salad that I can't find, but it was a soy-saucey, lemony, wasabi-y sort of thing. I kind of made it up.

It's like eating bacon for a meal, but without the guilt because...I don't know. I probably wouldn't feel guilty eating bacon for a meal anyway so maybe it's just me.


melissa f. said...

i must go when i'm home! i haven't had korean bbq in years

Colin said...

Wikipedia has barbeque as a common spelling variant but it is not listed in the OED so it must not be a real word.