Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kayla threatened to start a food blog of her own and if she did, I know it would be better than mine because she lives in domestic bliss with people who always cook and eat pies. ANYWAY, I felt threatened and this is my response:

Blogger always uploads my pictures backwards and I never learn to do it right.

My dad decided to put new floors in our house, and we got hungry, so we went to Z's, which I haven't been to in forever and it was so good. God I love that place. This is half of my bacon cheeseburger.

The bacon cheeseburger before I ate it. I don't know why the hamburger looks kind of weird and inedible in this picture, but it still tasted A+. The one thing I kind of don't like about Z's though is that they have this special sauce, which is great, but sometimes they go overboard and the burger gets too saucy, but it was just right this time. I also went to Dick's for the first time in a year. I don't have pictures, but I would like to take this time to say, suck it, In-n-Out.

These are some spicy Asian noodles that I am not that into, but I ate it anyway. Plus, it is kind of a nice picture, don't you think? Maybe Tastespotting will catapult me to fame once again.

I love ribs. A lot. Sometimes I wish I was fat and from the South, because as much I love Barbeque ribs, I feel like I haven't had the best of the best, and I would also like to eat them everyday all the time. I am probably making generalizations about the South/Southern food, but who cares. Anyway, the point is, that I/my mom made some last week. But in the pictures they looked kind of gross, even though they tasted so good that my mom decided she didn't want to watch me eat because I was being such a slob (I was hungry). So I haven't really decided if I want to post pictures of them.

But I also made baked garlic fries. I already tried it once by making them fry-shaped, but they turned out kind of bad, probably beause I got too hungry to let them get brown and crunchy. This was my second attempt. I made them wedge-y and they turned out much better. I guess they don't look that crispy/crunchy, but they were. I think what makes them so good is that you have to heat up the oil with the garlic, and then everything is garlic infused and delicious. These definitely aren't like the garlic fries at Safeco, but I guess they are two completely kinds of fries beause these are baked and those are fried, and there is lots and lots of raw garlic heaped onto their fries. Also, we were almost out of ketchup, not that it was necessary, but I still wanted some sort of dipping sauce, so I tried it with this Wasabi Mayo from Trader Joe's. It was ok. I still haven't completely made up my mind.

Ok that is all.


jon suhr said...

next time you go to/pass by yakima, make sure you go to miners. beastly burger ultimatum

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vivian the koneko kitten said...

lily, your food blog makes me very hungry.