Friday, November 19, 2010


Hey I am back. Don't cry. I've been really obsessed with grocery shopping.

Just a few of the many burgers I've eaten this semester. God bless America

Made some Bahn Mi with Neal.

Seared salmon in a lemon garlic sauce with lots of avocados and orzo

Garlic chicken sausage and some sauce I made (no jar!) with bacon

My roommate this year is a really good at baking and can make anything. I suggested putting bacon in cinnamon rolls and she made it happen. Layer of brown sugar, toasted walnuts, bacon, caramel sauce. Then there was a chocolate sauce that got drizzled on top of the baked rolls.


She also made this kiwi tart

Some pals brought this to my studio. Pulled pork, mashed potatoes, baked beans


Colin said...

I dedicate this post to myself. Also, that food looks delicious.

Danni said...


vivian the koneko kitten said...

OH GOD. I NEED THOSE BACON CINNAMON ROLLS (i'm gonna try it out when i get back to school). also, you were much more creative with your turkey leftovers. i just ate turkey. Also, i have been really craving bahn mi recently. its sort of gotten unmanageable. we also unfortunately don't have it in santa cruz :[