Friday, September 25, 2009

end of summer food

The last weekend home my parents and I went to breakfast at this place in "downtown" Edmonds, but I already forgot what it's called. It was really good, the potatoes were kind of bland, but I like starch, so I ate them anyway. I only wished that they didn't give me packaged butter. I don't like that. And also more bacon.

spinach and feta scramble

My dad's "Western" omelet (how do you spell this word? spell check always corrects me but I think this looks wrong)


I also made stuffed peppers. I don't really like bell peppers that much, but when they're stuffed with rice and sausage and cheese, they taste pretty good. I couldnt figure out if I wanted to stuff the whole thing, or only half, but I tried cutting the top off in a nice circle and almost cut myself, so I decided to halve them instead. :(

This picture is blurry and bad, but the steam kept fogging up my camera and this is the best I could do. There was also corn, but I forgot to put it in. Anyway, I also made mashed red potatoes with sour cream and garlic. I hope you like these super old plates from before I was born. Or maybe a few years after.

I've made some good food since I got to school, mostly with Neal, but I forgot to take pictures of it, except for this lime garlicky chicken and potatoes au gratin, but they look bad. Cooking for just myself is kind of hard, so I end up eating a lot of starch and cheese. And one time, I tried to make the Elvis sandwich (PB, bananas, bacon) but I didn't have bacon, so I used salami. It was a bad idea. But I think I have being doing an ok job of keeping myself alive. I think we're making pizza this weekend.


Elyssa said...

Edmondssss!! Chanterelle? Red twig??

Colin said...

According to Fowler's, the shorter spelling of omelet is preferred, but omelette should be correct as well.

suerynn said...

Lily, are those CAPERS next to the lox? Sigh... if you ever want my assistance in making food, do call.

PURPLE said...

i thought it was supposed to be sloppy joes this weekend.