Sunday, March 29, 2009

So good: for Joseph

So I stayed with Joey for a few days in New York and ate myself to death. Here is some proof:

I just realized I didn't take any pictures of garlic knots, which are these delicious knots of carbohydrate heaven in buttery cheesy goodness.

Here is a google image of them but way less buttery than they should be. God I miss them so much.

Then we went to the Carnegie Deli and shared this enormous delicious sandwich.

Plus some really great crinkle fries that were perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, which is very difficult to do, by the way.

Two kinds of pickles, which made me realize that the gross pickles they have here (cucumbers in salty vinegar water) are actual pickles that people like. The one with a bite taken out of it is the kind I like.

A gyro plate/box. So good. This was right before we walked 90 blocks to Pomme Frites.

Then my camera ran out of batteries so I had to steal this picture from somebody's flickr. We got curry ketchup, rosemary garlic mayo, and mango chutney. I liked the mango the best because it wasn't too overwhelming, but by the time we got here 90 blocks of walking made me want to die and I couldn't eat very much.

For dinner we got Korea barbeque but it's an incredibly depressing story so it's good that I couldn't take pictures. It was still delicious though.

So the next morning, we went to Chinatown and got dimsum. God, can people walk any slower in Chinatown? It's was like my future was flashing before my eyes.

Too hungry, blurry pictures.

These were soooo good. I don't even remember what they were. Radishes or something. But they were so soft and melty and fried.

Heart-attack central

Then dessert, which was good, but could've been better. I got this weird gross melon pudding. Never again.

The greatest pizza I have ever had in my life ever. Sausage, mushrooms, and...something else, maybe. I don't know. It all sort of blends together into one giant slice of heaven.

Mango sushi, which was weird, but also really delicious

Tempura green tea ice cream

Then before I left, we went to the Shake Shack and got the greatest burgers ever. They just melt melt melt in your mouth like hamburger ice cream.

So beautiful I could cry

P.S. Two thumbs up to Joey who knows all the best places to eat

P.P.S Pre-New York food:

Garlic naan plus cheese, caramelized onions (again, Joseph) and green olives

More Geoff's, Juggs

The end
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melissa f. said...

words to the wise: always get fried bacon wrapped shrimp. always get the noodly shrimp thing in soy sauce, and always get those itty rib bits. never eat dimsum dessert. get dessert at egg custard king cafe on mott st.

also: shake shack is heavenly, if only slightly greasetacular