Wednesday, February 18, 2009

this post is dedicated to my first real reader, laurel something, i'm sorry i don't know your last name

First of all, these are not the greatest pictures, but I was really hungry/excited to eat, so what can I say? It was a miracle that I was able to take pictures at all.

So I decided to go to Geoff's for the first time yesterday, and it was so good I wanted to cry, but also because it was $8. I went again today anyway and ordered the same thing, which was probably not the smart way to explore Geoff's but some of the sandwiches had weird names and I was too afraid to try and say them. Like foie gras, which is not a sandwich, but a food I would not order since I can't pronounce it. Or gnocchi, which I don't order because I can't pronounce it but also because I only have a vague understanding of what it is. But back to the sandwich, which is called a Doug White: genoa salami, ham, tomatoes, lettuce, green olives, red onions, which the man forgot to put on today, and tiger sauce, which is a horseradish mayo. I was nervous about it because I don't like horseradish, but it was really good and wasn't overwhelmingly radishy.

I had some leftover ground pork in the freezer from when my dad was here and made dumplings (which I can't find pictures of) so Gianna and I decided to make meatballs, but Jule doesn't eat pork so we also had turkey. This picture was actually by Dylan. We burned the bread.

The meatballs before being cooked. I still haven't figured out how to upload pictures in the right order. These were easy to make, I think. Gianna did all the hard stuff though, so I dont know. It was mostly breadcrumbs and eggs and olive oil.

Jule's friend, who is in culinary school, visited her and made this, which I ate. Mashed potatoes and garlic bread and stuffed peppers with rice and god, I dont even remember, it was so good.

That is all. I deleted my post with some of the things I made last semester, but if you want to see them, you can ask me, but it's not food.


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PSHT - LILY you have a BOOKMARK in my DAILY CHECK LIST you've been on that list since 2008 I am just as real as anybody else and realer'n some. Y'HEAR.

NEWS FROM THE CRUMPET FRONT: Trader Joe's may have some. I am not keen on buying the English muffin rings req'd for baking em oneself. Will call the one in Nantucket & keep you posted.

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