Thursday, August 7, 2008

dear people of the internet

Here is a list of things that I would like people to stop making:

1. T-shirts, notebooks, bags, anything... with telephone wires and birds.

2. Velveeta cheese

3. Confusing internet lingo

4. Overstuffed/exploding burritos that I have to eat with a fork

Also, here is a picture of some Dippin' Dots so I have an excuse for posting non-food related things a food blog. I remember eating this, but I don't remember taking this picture.

P.S. The only reason I made this post is so that I could complain about #1 on my list.

P.P.S Also because I like Dippin' Dots and am starting to feel bad about my P.S.


joseph said...

But overstuffed burritos are filled to the brim with burrito-y goodness.

PURPLE said...

im afraid i have to veto number 4.

rachel said...


Lily said...

ugh but it was all drippy and getting on my shirt :(